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Ways to Stay Amused with your Samsung Captivate Glide

The introduction of smart phone’s into the market has brought many uses to the mobile phones. Mobile phones are not limited for communication but have become multifunction devices that also provide gaming opportunity for entertainment. These phones have ultra speed processors that can process applications at very high speed with latest version of operating systems.

The Samsung Captive Glide Smartphone has been loaded with top class features and latest technology functions. If you are searching for a Smartphone then there is no better choice than Samsung Captive glide. The Samsung Captivate Glide is a super gaming zone that will keep you entertained and increase your experience and fun of all the latest games in the internet. Most Smartphone’s are not reliable when it comes to the internet games, this is because they are still relying on the old features like graphics, processors and operating system when gaming developers are coming up with new gaming applications that ape the real world.

Such new games require multifunction software, strong graphic device and a high speed processor. The Samsung Captivate Glide has all the features, hardware and software that will ensure you get to enjoy your gaming experience conveniently. This mobile phone has been equipped with latest introduced Android operating system that enables high functionality, enhance user’s experience and allow multi-functioning.

Just starting from the screen display that has been tremendously set to crisp and clear; you can view all videos, pictures and text clearly. Moreover your phone is protected with Samsung Captive Glide screen protector that protects against any external damage. It mainly provides protection against possible scratches and finger prints. You will also get protection against UV rays that are harmful for your eyes and your screen.

The Samsung Captivate Glide has a dual core processor doubling its speed by a figure of two meaning its speed is twice faster than a normal high speed smart phone; the high powerful super graphics ensures that your gaming experience is not only convenient but also real.You can enhance your gaming experience by adding Samsung Captive Glide accessories that will take your closer to real game play and you will feel just like playing on a play station. Some big accessories include integration of keyboard to replace QUERTY keyboard, a big screen and a multimedia sound system in some cases. The accessories require an application to function and they are found in the online market stores.

Talking of accessories I am sure you want to maintain that expensive, classy look of your Samsung Captivate Glide. So, you should not waste much time and get Samsung Captive Glide case. This case just acts like a cushion device against any probable external damage. You will find the cases in different styles, designs colors and materials in the market. Other than protecting your Samsung Captive Glide, these cases will maintain the inspiring look of your smart phone.

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